On 09 Nov. 2017, Reform Institute for Development (RID) was held the last periodical meeting with the partners at Chwarchra Hotel, in Sulaimania province. In the meeting, Dr. Dana, the director of the programme welcomed the participants and highlighted the aim of the meeting which was to present the detail of the projects and the methods of implementing them, the cooperation of the related party and involving citizen into the activity, as well as, making the project public through the conference and raising the recommendation to the government related office.

In the meeting, five local partners including (STOP Org., Kurdo Zanist & Eye University Org. and Accountant and Auditing Org. ) were present their activities in detail. In return, participants commented on the content of the activities and methods of implementing.

Second part of the meeting was dedicated to draft the Public Participation Platform (P3) policy and procedure.  Draft of the policy were given to the participants to discuss, amend and change it. Participants were divided into four groups to work on it and then present their comments.

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