RID was announced Call for Proposal to give 13 grants for the local CSOs & NGOs based in Kurdistan region. After a couple months of announcement, a good number of organizations were accepted to implement their project in different field such as environment, education, health…etc. in Erbil, Koya, Duhok, Slemanu, Kalar, Halabja, Chamchamal, and Qaladza.  

RID was started to announce Call for Proposal at the beginning of March 1st 2017 and the deadline for application was ended on May 15th 2017. The total number of applicants in all three provinces was 18 local CSOs. After collecting the applications, RID staff included Dana Sofi, director of the project, Rebaz Hassan, Project Manager and Yousif Ahmed, Accountant start to process the applications to see whether they meet the requirements of the project or not.

Hence, 11 CSOs out of 18 CSOs were accepted with some amendments in their activities and budget. Following this, the MPs & CSOs held a meeting with the mutual committee on30 May 2017, in Erbil and Duhok and Sulaimania to know the selected organizations and discuss the content of the projects. In the meeting, participants present their feedback to add and remove some activities in the project.

At the end of the meeting, contract was signed by both side. RID decided that the grant would be paid in two small installments in two different times. The first installment will be paid with signing the contract ($1800) and second installment would be paid at the end of the project after they submit their final report ($1200).

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