On 18th May 2016, RID Senior Coordinator has visited Erbil Provincial Council (EPC) to follow the demands and concerns that have been raised by the citizens of Choman in the public meeting that held back on 8th May 2016.
Ali Rasheed, the president of the Council underlined that some of the demands are under working to make sure that the right people can address it and some other we will address to concerning party to work on it.

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Public Meeting in Khabat

On 8th August 2016, Reform Institute for Development (RID) was arranged a public meeting for the people of Khabat, in youth center in Khabat town. The meeting was organized by Rebaz H. Hassan, RID Senior Coordinator, with the Coordination of Erbil Provincial Council. Aim of the meeting was to bring closer the government officials in EPC such as Ali Rasheed, the head of the Erbil Provincial Council (EPC) and Halan Hurmz Gorgiss, the secretary of the council, Rebaz Berkoty, head of PUK fraction in EPC, Zhino Omer, Barzan Ahmed and Nyar Hawezy, Members of the council to the people of the area so that the people can convey their concerns and demands to them.

The attendances of the meeting were included regular people, voters, government officials of the area, the civil organizations, centers, colleges students, health and education representatives, , labors, journalists, teachers and the mayor of the town.

The meeting was kicked off by Dana Sofi, the president of RID to welcome the attendance and clarify the purpose of the meeting. He also introduced the EPC representatives to them and gave the chance to the EPC members to brief them about their duties and responsibilities as Erbil Provincial Council, in Erbil. Later on, they gave the attendance to raise their points. Following the welcoming of the RID and EPC staff by the attendance, they eager to have such a similar meeting earlier than now. They also wished to have more such a meeting in the future.

After two hours discussion, the participants came up with the following demands:

  • The lack of clean and drinking water for the population of Khabat
  • The lack of health center of a hospital
  • Re-paving or constructing the road between Erbil and Khabat
  • Building a hall to be used for the events
  • Providing more working opportunity
  • Pay more attention to the agriculture sector
  • The lack of drinking water in Rizgary neighborhood
  • Eradicating the outlaw houses have been built
  • Taking care the garbage in the khabat
  • Addressing the private generator issues
  • Hiring the people of Khabat in the industrial institutions
  • Making a slaughter house
  • Providing a kindergartner
  • Assisting the handicape or special needs people
  • Making the industrial section
  • Distributing the oil to the people

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