On 11of August 2016, a focus group was held in Kirkuk with the participant of 11 Civil Society representatives in Kirkuk and Daqwq town.

In the meeting, participants focused on four points as follow;


  • People and CSO participation in general in the process of decision making in IKR in the institutes and the Parliament.
    1. Open meeting by Provincial council
    2. Participating citizen in setting the plan and strategic
  • The ground for people and CSO participation in the process of decision making:
    1. Security situation
    2. Kirkuk is away from the central decision making point
    3. The privacy of Kirkuk between Kurdistan region and Federal Government
    4. The lack of financial support by Non-government organization
    5. Multi-nation in Kirkuk in terms of relogon and nations
  • The solutions and suggestions for better participation of people and CSOs in the process of decision making?
    1. Activating the participation at the level of province with organizing the relation between the CSOs and Council
    2. Forming a consultancy board
    3. Forming a mobilizing council
    4. Forming a share board from the nations
    5. Awareness campaign of for institutions and CSOs
    6. Building trust between Citizens, CSOs with the institutions

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