On 28 of August 2016, a focus group was held in Halabja with the participant of 19 people includes civil activist, journalists, university instructors, Halabja provincial council members. The focus group was about the citizens and civil society organization’s role in the decision making process in the Kurdistan region in general and Duhok, in particular and raise the level of participating citizen and CSOs in the decision making process.
Topics discussed are:
a. People and CSO participation in general in the process of decision making in IKR in the institutes and the Parliament. Citizenscan participate in decision making process through;
1. Consultancy
2. Meeting
3. Civil pressure
4. Good coordination between CSOs and Council
b. The ground for people and CSO participation in the process of decision making:
1. Having a group of active organizations
2. Citizen volunteer
3. Coordination between Halanja and CSOs
4. Understanding in civil activities and forming a working group

c. The problem in front of people and CSO participation in the process of decision making:
1. Political parties interfere
2. The lack of good relation between CSOs and citizen with government institutions
3. Misunderstanding between public authorities to organizational work
4. Accusing CSOs
5. Prevailing the tribal mentality over the system
6. Centralization system
7. The lack of trust between citizens and government
d. The solutions and suggestions for better participation of people and CSOs in the process of decision making?
1. Institutionalizing the relation between CSOs and government institutions
2. Forming a coalition between council and CSOs
3. Forming a consultant board
4. Initiate the awareness campaign about the organizations role in decision making process
5. Building capacity for the CSOs and institutions employees
6. Activating the access of information law
7. Independency of CSOs
8. Building trust between the citizen, CSOs

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