On 21 August 2016, RID was held a focus group with the participants of 18 people includes Civil Activist, politicians, Duhok Provincial Council representative and Kurdistan Parliament Member. The focus group was about the citizens and civil society organization’s role in the decision making process in the Kurdistan region in general and Duhok, in particular and raise the level of participating citizen and CSOs in the decision making process.
Participants mainly and intensively discussed the public and CSOs participation in the process of decision making in Kurdistan region’s institutes and parliament.
In addition of this, barriers ahead of participation with solving methods have discussed. In the meeting, participants shed a light on the role of the government institutes, CSOs and Media to activate and motivate people to participate in the process of decision making.
At the end of the meeting, participants come up with some solutions and suggestion to address the issues of public participation in decision making process, in the region.

In the focus group, the following topics were covered:
a. The level of participation in Decision making process:
b. Opportunities participating in decision making process
i. General election in Kurdistan region
ii. Participating citizen and CSOs in General boards in the miniseries
iii. Pluralism
iv. Having many CSOs’ activities
v. Having different media outlets
c. Challenges and barriers ahead of decision making process
i. Power of parties on government institutions
ii. The lack of democratic system within the political parties
iii. The lack of having an institutional foundation
iv. Not considering parliament as a decisive power
v. Dependence of security agencies
vi. The lack of having awareness among the people
vii. Having a centralization system in Kurdistan region
viii. The lack of having a legal frame work to organize the relation between citizen, CSOs with the government

d. The solutions and suggestions for better participation of people and CSOs in the process of decision making?
i. Democratization of political parties
ii. Activating Kurdistan parliament
iii. Inviting citizen into the Duhok Council meetings
iv. Aware citizen about rights of participating in decision making
v. Developing coordination between parliament and CSOs

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