On 17 August 2016 a focus group held with the 12 CSOs representatives in Sulaimania. Participants mainly and intensively discussed the public and CSOs participation in the process of decision making in Kurdistan region’s institutes and parliament.

In addition of this, barriers ahead of participation with solving methods have discussed. In the meeting, participants shed a light on the role of the government institutes, CSOs and Media to activate and motivate people to participate in the process of decision making.

At the end of the meeting, participants come up with some solutions and suggestion to address the issues of public participation in decision making process, in the region.


  • People and CSO participation in general in the process of decision making in IKR in the institutes and the Parliament.
    1. Having a pluralism in Kurdistan
    2. Developing CSOs
    3. Having some law related to the participation of citizen into the decision making
    4. Having various media outlets
  • The problem in front of people and CSO participation in the process of decision making:
    1. Not implementing the law of access of information
    2. Having a centralization system
    3. Having security measures ahead of the CSOs
    4. Cultural and ritual barriers
    5. Political interfere in civil activities


  • The solutions and suggestions for better participation of people and CSOs in the process of decision making?
    1. Democratizing of the Kurdish political parties
    2. Pay more attention to the education system
    3. Opening the special office of the parliament in cities
    4. Implementing the law of councils
    5. Creating the neighborhood council
    6. Reducing the administrative routines

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