We are a Kurdish, none governmental and none profit organization based in Erbil. We work to serve the public interest based on the human values to echo the public opinion for developing the democratic culture and conducting reform in the government institutions. We also support and manage the conflict and crisis in the society.


The objective of the reform institution is to work for promoting reform in government institutions through activating the institutions and prevailing democratic culture in the institutions and citizens daily basis life. On the other side, set up plans to prevent any negative crisis that might encounter the society. In avoidance to address the conflicts and crisis might lead to devalue the democratic values, while reform will be terminated.



We firmly believe that in order to have a contemporary, welfare and democratic society, we need to have an active institution and work hard based on the appropriate manner of strategic. Therefore, we need an incremental reform in the methodology of working and thinking, not an incidental turning point that may leads economic and social crisis.