RID has conduct baseline analytical research paper to establish the general publics’ and NGOs’ attitude to Kurdistan parliamentarians and how much they represent and address their needs. The research was start on June 2017 and ended on September 2017. The information was collected through 6 focus groups that targeted different locations in all three provinces including Kirkuk to gather common understanding for the concept of participation; the participants of the focus groups will be parliamentarians, NGOs, relevant institutions. Beside this, 20 Individual interviews conducted to provide details personal analysis to the concept of participation, relevant activists and experts will be selected for this type of interview. Another step was 500-sample questionnaire common understanding in a broader geographical area.


The aim of the research was following points;


  • To understand the situation of public participation in decision-making process in Kurdistan, what are the available mechanism of participation and how active they are.
  • To address the challenges and limitations that hindrance the public participation process. The challenges might be legal, implementation, cultural and awareness, public awareness and understanding the concept, geographical berries, un-development structures.
  • How to increase participation what are the preferable mechanism based on the public suggestions.



At the end, the result of the research was disseminated in a conference with the attendance f CSOs, MPs, Media outlets and government representatives.

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